Vacuum Bags



SwissPack U.K. is a leading name in the industry for manufacturing and distributing efficiently designed and superior quality vacuum bags. We are offering the multi-layer vacuum bags which are available in two forms; one is co-extruded and other is laminated. These vacuum pouches are also recognized as barrier vacuum pouches as they provide the complete protection for packaged items against moisture, UV light and environment. The vacuum pouches and bags fabricated by us are designed for packaging cashew, nuts, tea and coffee beans.
Co-extruded Vacuum bags:
SwissPack’s made the co-extruded vacuum bags by using 3 mil wide, 7 layer mixtures of polyethylene and nylon resins which offer long lasting robustness and reliability. These vacuum bags have unique stretching capability which enables them to store any food item. Co-extruded vacuum bags have good collision resistance and less speed for oxygen transfer. We provide huge variety for these bags which has width (6 to 16 inches), height (8 to 28 inches). For co-extruded bags high graphic printing is not suitable, it only holds surface printing but on the surface of film the print does not shine much. These vacuum pouches are highly flexible, efficient and functional, and are compatible with all kinds of vacuum machines.
Laminated vacuum bags:
We manufacture multi-layer laminated vacuum bags; the upper layer of these bags is made from BOPA (biaxial oriented polyamide and polypropylene) nylon film (12 to 20 microns). By using rotogravure printing, the BOPA film is reverse printed with usual design. BOPA film is laminated with LLDPE film. The printing is done very carefully and sandwiched in amid two layers. These laminated vacuum bags print shine more as compared to co-extruded vacuum bags. Our laminated vacuum bags are available with zipper or without zipper, euro slot, sombrero hole, round hole, cut mark etc. and become more visible in the shelf.

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