Spout Pouches


Spout pouches are used to package liquid goods and are more secure than containers because of the leakage proof packaging material used to produce packaging. They are able to provide secure and leakage proof storage of several products from different industries including spices packaging, fruit purees packaging, sugar packaging, salt packaging, tomato spreads packaging, pasta sauce packaging, yogurt packaging, ready to drink tea and coffee packaging and many others.

Technical Aspects

Spout pouches can be also be referred to as extra fluid bags. Many companies provide liquidated goods and therefore need a packaging material suitable. At Swiss pack a custom and stock selection of spout pouches are provided. There are various plastic forms included in the production process of spout pouches such as;

  • BOPA
  • BOPP
  • MET
  • PET
  • PP and PPE

However we do recommend the use of nylon in the manufacturing of spout pouches as it contributes to the effectiveness of leakage-proof pouches. The minimum order for spout pouches would be 10000 units. Custom spout pouches make use of 9 different colours within in the printing process, of which we make use of the rotogravure technique. . We understand various film structures and properties hence we are able to provide you with the correct packaging recommendation for your packaging need.

Product Usage

Spout pouches are not only a convenient method to transport fluids, but is one of our excellent choices for promotional packaging. Spout pouches are stable and shelf friendly as they can stand unattended and lure consumers to the shelves. Spout pouches are eco-friendly as they can be reusable. Spout pouches are used for packaging liquid substances like; liquids and a solid liquid. Liquid products that are most packaged include;

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Liquid soap
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Energy drinks and various others

Transportation of spout pouches would be a far more secure choice of packaging in comparison with substances transported via glass packaging.

Product Identification

Spout pouches can have nozzles fixed to it to enhance convenience and flexibility. Nozzles can be fixed on either the center-top of pouch or side-centre top of spout pouch. Seven special layers of material are used to produce spout pouches thus expanding shelf life. Nozzle diameters consist of 10mm or 20mm. Spout pouches can be produced in one of the following ways;

  • Clear
  • Clear -frosted
  • Frosted

Swiss Pac produces all spout pouches with various plastic forms that add to its flexibility and durability. Spout pouches are manufactured with 2 to 3 layers of LLDPE.
Color available for stock spout pouches includes; Clear, White, Red, Silver, Green, Black, Gold, Blue

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