Plastic Bags


SwissPack U.K. is a foremost manufacturer and supplier of finest quality plastic bags with smooth three-side closed laminated pouches, laminated pouches with gusset and flexible plastic pouches, carrier bags, garbage bags, reclosable ziplock bags, ice bags etc. which are used in food industry, textile, pharmaceutical, agriculture and other industries. With the support of our technical experts and with our rich industry experience, we are capable of manufacturing polypropylene, polythene and O.P.P side and bottom weld bags, carrier bags, cut sheets and film on the reel, all of which are available in diverse sizes and thickness to tailor clients individual requirements.

We use mainly three kinds of polythene resins which are LDPE, LLDPE and HMW-HDPE. Styrene, Vinyl, polypropylene and nylon are other types of polythene resin which are also used in the manufacturing of polythene bags. Our polyethylene film bags are available in recloseble, resealable and valve style or pouch styles in different colours and dimensions. Most common dimension for polypropylene bags are 14 in. x 26 in., 18 in. x 30 in. and 22 in. x 36 in.

Our wide array of laminated pouches consists of-

  • Bags with overlie seal laminated pouches
  • Bags with fin seal printed and laminated
  • Bags with closing seal
  • Printed three side sealed laminated pouches
  • Silver, Gold, Matt finished with clear frontage laminated pouches

At SwissPack U.K., we try to conduct strict quality tests to match the international standards. Plastic laminated pouches which are manufactured by us are available in metalized films to offer an attractive and glossy appearance. For lamination, we use the high grade material like aluminium, BOPP, IDPE, CPP, PET and BON.

To ensure the quality of our plastic laminated pouches and to satisfy our consumers’ needs, our expert professionals are using the highly advanced machines and state-of-art technologies in the manufacturing process of laminated pouches.

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