Paper Bags


Paper bags are a very organic form of flexible packaging and will automatically lure environmentally friendly consumers to shelves, hence marketing products packaged.

Technical Aspects

Paper bags are an organic packaging option as its appearance is natural looking. We at Swiss Pac manufacture paper bags in various styles to satisfy the unique needs of each corporation. Paper bags are also known as Kraft paper bags. An alternative options for plastic bags and plastic packaging would be paper bags, hence the manufacturing process of them are eco-friendly. Pricing for paper bags differ based on their designs and sizes. Paper bags are far more flexible than your ordinary plastic packaging and are consumer luring.

Product Usage

Our style variations for our paper bags are;

  • Stand-bags
  • Side gusset bags
  • Flat bottom bags

Bags produced at Swiss Pac can either be selected from our stock purchase or custom design selection. The paper bags are produced in such a way that they can be;

  • Non -metalized, or metalized
  • Window inclusive or window exclusive
  • Zipper inclusive or without zipper
  • Product Identification

Paper bags are mainly used for the packaging of coffee produces. Paper bags stand upright on shelves, and look very systematic and organized hence making them shelf friendly. Environmentally sensitive people are attracted to the paper bags as a packaging option because paper bags produced at Swiss Pac bags are biodegradable bags. Paper bags are a great promotional packaging tool for environmentally conscious consumers as they too wish to purchase packaging that is contemporary and eco-friendly. Paper bags are not only shelf friendly, but make transportation of packaging effective and efficient.

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