Flat Bottom Bags


SwissPack is an eminent manufacturer and distributer of finest quality plastic and paper flat bottom pouches which are used in numerous industries like agriculture, food, cosmetic, medical etc. for packaging the products. The key feature for the popularity of flat bags is that it holds all types of product (solid, liquid and powder) irrespective of its shape. These days, flat bottom pouches have replaced the conventional packing style like bottles and cans due to its huge storing and batter standing capacity. Quad sealed flat bottom box pouch, three side gusset bags, block bottomed bags and brick pouch are the common names for flat bottom pouches.
For the fabrication of flat bottom pouches SwissPack uses excellent grade PET/MET/PE/AL material. PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) is used for most upper layer of the pouch. Actually, the upper most layer (width of 12microns) has the basic print of the pouch. Inner most layer (maximum width of 100microns) is made from PE (Poly Ethylene) barricade UV light and moisture. By using these materials, we make sure that our pouches become stronger to guard packaged products from any damage and keep the product healthy for extended time.
Our exclusive range of flat bottom pouches includes white paper bags without zipper, white paper with tear zipper, kraft paper bags without zipper, kraft paper with tear zipper, matt silver without zipper, matt silver with tear zipper, matt black without zipper, matt black with tear zipper, matt gold with tear zipper etc. The standard dimension what we use to make flat pouches is (4X7X5X5) inches, where 4 inches is the width, 7 inches is the height, 5(2.5+ 2.5)inches is the side gusset and 5(2.5+2.5) inches is bottom gusset.

Our gamut of flat bottom pouches are highly recommended in the market for its following attributes-

  • We use advanced rotogravure and flexographic printing technology
  • Fine finishing and attractive appearance
  • Highly customized flat bottom pouches to tailor to your needs.




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