Pillow Pouches


SwissPack is the most renowned name in the industry for manufacturing and supplying unique and excellent quality pillow pouches. Pillow pouch is one of the most conventional and economical style of packaging. These pouches are best used in packaging products like food, drugs, potato chips, dried meat, dried fish, spices, biscuit, banana chips, snacks, nuts etc. We fabricate pillow pouches in different designs, styles and sizes by making the use of finest grade raw material like plastic, white paper, and foil lamination. To fulfil the varying requirements of the consumers, we use highly advanced and state-of-art technology to design a huge spectrum of pillow pouch which is enormously functional, eye-catching and consistent.
Our pillow pouches have top-seal, bottom-seal and a back-seal with zip lock and without zip lock and have the ability to store large volume as compared to any other usual pouch. These pouches have one side open (bottom) so that clients can fill up the product inside the pouch and then seal it by using heat sealing instrument. There is a seal on the top side of the pouch and sealing on the middle of the back side of the pouch.
SwissPack is backed by highly erudite and experienced quality testing team who perform comprehensive quality testing operations and provide world-class selection of products to our consumer across the world. Our exclusive and custom printed array for pillow pouches consists of matt finish, matt finish window, shiny finish window, shiny finish pillow pouches, brown paper, white paper etc.

Our pillow pouches are appreciated in the market for its below mentioned features:

  • High strength and leak proof
  • Highly functional and personalized design
  • Maximum durability and affordability
  • Strong barrier against moisture, heat and environment
  • Increase the shelf life of packaged items
  • Easily disposed and eco-friendly in nature
  • Easy pour and seal facility for clients

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